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Chicago Partner Con

post written on 30 May 07 in Learning

I would like to first thank those who encouraged me to enter my abstract and to participate at Pictage’s Chicago Partner Con on May 8 and 9th. In no particualr order: my wife Alison, David Luebke, Don Sheffield, Catalina Ayubi, Robert Madrid, and Jason Sandifer. It was an honor to be chosen out of a few hundred photographers that entered.

This was my first time speaking nationally and was really excited. Luckily I had many friendly faces in the crowd like Sara France, Robert Evans, Mike Larson, Mike Colon, Robert T. Williams, and Michael McNitt. Also a new friend emerged from the group, Scarlett Lillian.

I had so much positive feedback from those in attendance at my presentation, “From Models to Model Brides”, and look forward to seeing many of you at the LA Partner Con on September 12 and 13th. Please keep in touch.

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My Family

post written on 25 May 07 in Family

This is my son Carson and my lovely wife Alison.

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