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Lorena and Gil (12-8-07)

post written on 27 Dec 07 in Weddings

Lorena and Gil just make you laugh all the time. Even though it was a 4 day event, it felt like you just were hanging out with friends, no stress. From the barbecue and rehearsal dinner at the Trump Sonesta and Grande in North Miami to the wedding and brunch at Maralago in Palm Beach, it never skipped a beat. The wedding was spectacular!

It’s always nice to be acknowledged but nothing tops a compliment from Donald Trump,”You did a wonderful job!”.

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Studio Time

post written on 17 Dec 07 in Fashion

Here are a few images when I was in the studio last week shooting catalog for one of my fashion clients. Some times it takes more then one fan.

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Carson’s 2nd Birthday

post written on 12 Dec 07 in Family

Carson had a great time with all his friends at his 2nd Birthday Party, he says thank you for all his new toys.

My wife Alison did a great job with all the decorations and cookies that she made herself.

Riley and Carson in the bounce house.
Carson, abuela, and Cameron.
Emma Susi.
Zachary and Lisa Dillon
Buzz falling into the cake.
Happy Birthday to Carson!
Carson’s new Radio Flyer tricycle from Mommy and Daddy.
Hopefully he can reach the pedals soon.
Cameron is out.
The Bonafonte Family
More Buzz toys.
One of my associates Robert winning a race with a 4 year old.
Andrew and Lisa Dillon
Andrew and my associate Catalina doing shots of tequila, I had a few myself.
Carson checking out Mike’s new truck.
Cookies by mommy!

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Odette and Paul (12-01-07)

post written on 10 Dec 07 in Weddings

Odette and Paul were married at St Patrick’s on Miami Beach and their reception was at The Historic Alfred Dupont Building in downtown Miami.

She’s the only bride I know who ate chicken fingers as her main course.

My crew and I stuck in a booth for 2.

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A Baez Thanksgiving

post written on 10 Dec 07 in Family

This year, Alison and I,have been blessed with the addition of our second son Cameron Alexander. Anyone who knows us knows how important family and family time means to us. We hope all of you feel the same and not get caught up with work this time of year.

Remember, family is always first.

God bless us all.

Carson helping with the preparation.
Alison, the magician in our kitchen.
Our family and a 20 pound bird.
Carson licking his fingers before we start.
Cameron wondering why he’s on the floor.
My mami, the other great woman behind me.
My mom and cousin Adelina.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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