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Our 5th Wedding Anniversary

post written on 22 Jan 08 in Family

January 18th was our 5th wedding anniversary. Alison and I have been so blessed with many things these past 5 years. Our boys Carson and Cameron, great family and friends, and a great church in Trinity Episcopal Cathedral of Miami.

Here are a few images of our day.
Trinity Cathedral.

Us on the metro mover.

Our toast.

My portrait of Alison.

My father Ramon, who past away on April 1st,2005. He would have loved our boys so much. He wore that corduroy jacket from 1970 over his tux, due to the fact it was 36 degrees during our outdoor reception in Miami.

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The Taylors

post written on 21 Jan 08 in Portraits

The Taylors have been clients of ours for close to 10 years now. This is their family portrait this year for Christmas. It’s always tough with a football players schedule. Jason Taylor plays for the Miami Dolphins, ok, no remarks on their year this year.

I wore a shirt from Iceland that says “66” on it, that is 66 degrees north latitude. But when Jason Taylor’s football number is 99, that wasn’t a good idea. This is what happened.

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Yes, Halloween

post written on 21 Jan 08 in Family

Ok, so there have been a few things have been missed on this blog due to our busy schedule with family and work, but we catch up when we can.

Yes, we do silly pictures like all other families, as you can see below. We know the boys will want to kill us when they are older, but hey, we humiliate ourselves too.

Cameron barely fit in that pumpkin.

If you don’t know what characters we are, then you don’t have kids. For those who don’t, we are Toy Story.

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Miami Pug, Christmas (12-16)

post written on 21 Jan 08 in Learning

Better late then never.

The Miami Pug Holiday Party was held at our home. As you can see, we are definitely a family affair down here. Lot’s of children, lot’s of food, and lot’s of laughs.

Thank you everyone for coming. I know not everyone is in the photograph, but a few had to leave early, sorry we missed you.

My wife Alison wants to thank everyone also for bringing so much food, we had left overs for days. Our son Carson had so many kids to play with, he was thrilled. See you next year, or at WPPI too.

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