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Picking a Pumpkin….

post written on 31 Oct 08 in Family

Anyone who loves kids knows this is a great time of year to see little faces light up over all the holiday stuff going on, Alison and I love it, and so do Carson and Cameron, as you can see below.

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Tonights Ask and Learn Wednesday on Pictage, and Podcast

post written on 29 Oct 08 in Interviews, Learning

Click on the photo to read the details.

I am thrilled to be on Ask and Learn again for Pictage, here is the direct link to tonight’s talk.
See the Light:Passion, Fashion, and Inspiration”

Here is the intro, and below is the podcast of interview by Sara France.

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October 8th, My 44th Birthday

post written on 09 Oct 08 in Family

We had a cute little party at our home gallery with family and friends.

Alison made a very yummy cake, she’s the best.

Catalina and Jason gave me dulce de leche ice cream from Cold Stone that went perfect with the cake.

It’s fun how when you get older, with kids, that birthdays mean something big again, at least to the boys. Carson thought it was his birthday.

Alison’s yummy creation.
Who got me that funny balloon. Carson wanted a Batman birthday.
Jason and Catalina, partners in our biz.

They know I love purple.
The boys with daddy.
Funny mustache.

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Cameron’s Baptism

post written on 09 Oct 08 in Family

This past Sunday was a very special day for our son Cameron. He was baptized at our church, Trinity Episcopal in downtown Miami.
Cameron didn’t cry during the baptism, he waited until the Dean walked him around the church, Cameron only has a 20 foot radius that he can be away from his mommy until his”crying” alarm goes off.

We picked this day because the North American Guild of Change Ringers were holding their national meeting at our church this weekend and everyone was serenaded by the beuatiful sounds of the bell tower. Here’s the video, and also the article on the cover of the Miami Herald.

Alison and I used to be part of the bell ringers in our tower, until our 2 little boys came into our lives. Luckily others stepped in to fill our spots.
Cameron waiting his turn.
Alison and I trying to keep the boys attention.

Baez family with Dean McCaleb
Us with my mom, or as the boys call her, Aba
Carson being coy
Thirsty Cameron at brunch
Cameron and my beautiful wife Alison

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