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Friday Photo Poll

post written on 29 May 09 in personal

So here is our first poll or vote on the blog. To quote Jason Maraz’ song  I’m  Yours “to rid yourself of vanities and just go with the seasons”, the big question is: Do I keep the naturaly receding hairline OR shave my head again, as I use to have it when I was in my fashion photography heyday in New York in 1995. So the vote is ONLY on the hair, photo A or B, not the black nail polish. This was before Adam Lambert people. Only vote here on the blog.hair_yesorno

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Fashion in Studio

post written on 27 May 09 in Fashion

My mission as a photographer is to continue my diverse loves of photography. What’s great about being based in fashion, commercial, and fine art, most of that work is during the week. This leaves the weekends for the fantastic weddings we do have. This also allows my personal vision to continue to grow as a photographer which translates into a broader  vision on any project.

The image below of model Jessica was for the cover of a catalog that I have been shooting for  years. I’ll  try to post the cover after it’s  printed.tressallure

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My wife Alison, woman extraodinaire, photographer also

post written on 27 May 09 in Family, personal, Uncategorized

While I was in studio shooting for one of my fashion clients, Alison, Carson and Cameron showed up to say hello to daddy, but also to catch up with our friends in the photography team. While at the studio, Alison grabbed one of my cameras and started following the boys while they were burning off some energy, and doing their best to distract the models during my shoot. I think the boys wanted to start their modeling careers, let’s see about that. They definitely have mommy’s good looks and hair.boysatphotopia

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Irena and Danny 5-17-09

post written on 27 May 09 in personal, Portraits, Weddings

I was happy to lend a hand to my friends Justin and Mary Marantz (you can see their images on their blog) when they had a wedding to shoot here in Miami. The bride Irena is a photo enthusiast as well, so when she asked, I felt obliged to bring the 600mm F4. As you can see, Irena can hold her own, or at least the 13 pound lens. My cameras never looked as good.


I had a blast having no pressure but to sit back and enjoy the  scenery and pick the moments that would add to the great coverage that Justin and Mary were shooting. Being a fly on the wall sometimes leads to images that you could not get as the main shooter.marantzblog

This last image was a “wait  for it” moment. With the 600mm  you don’t have much choice but to sit back and wait for it since it is so difficult to move quickly. I just knew she would turn.img_0268-2

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Dinner with friends Justin and Mary Marantz 5-18-09

post written on 22 May 09 in Family, personal

Justin and Mary flew into town last weekend, May 17th, to shoot a wedding in my backyard, well almost, it was at the Deering Estate, which is 1/2 mile from our house. They asked if I would second shoot for them and it was my pleasure to. The best part was going to dinner with them and Alison my wife on Monday at George’s in the Grove . The images and the rest of the words are the Marantz’. When we first got there, the weather looked like this….mem_1139bsm

But pretty soon we felt a few drops…..and then an all out down pour. Apparently all the rain that they were calling for our Sunday wedding finally caught up with us. Lucky for us, Carlos & Alison know the Miami weather all too well, so they scored us a table under the canopy! acf8a5e

How cute are they?!


yea….rain. It rained like this for over two hours! Welcome to Miami, indeed!


And the best surprise of the night! An early birthday surprise from C&A! How pretty is this??


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