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Summer Vacation, Florida Style.

post written on 31 Aug 09 in Family, personal

As many of us in this down economy, we’ve learned the word “staycation” and decided to enjoy our lovely state of Florida. Alison and I, along with Carson and Cameron and their abuela “Aba”, decided to go to an old, but newly remodeled, staple of great family vacation on the west coast of Florida, South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island. We were there for a week and it didn’t seem enough. Next year, we have to do like the Europeans, and take a month off. Either way, the boys had SO much fun. We got our tan on, along with a few drinks for the parents of course. It’s hard to believe that 2 little boys can enjoy the pool for 6 to 7 hours everyday, and we have a pool at home. We also went out on a boat to watch dolphins  jump around the wake of the boat, Cameron was yelling louder then anyone on the boat every time they jumped. From the beach, shells, petting zoo, awesome pools, and great service of all the staff, I highly recommend it. Quick note to photographers and parents alike, I bought the Canon PowerShot D10 before our vacation, you have to get it. It shoots great pictures and video under water, great camera to throw in your bag and go.


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