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Halloween & A Do Over

post written on 30 Nov 09 in Family, personal

What is hard about photographing weddings is not the job itself, it’s the personal family time and activities one misses out on. When you have kids, lots of things happen on Saturdays, and that is when the majority of weddings are too. Halloween was on a Saturday this year, but I had to leave on Friday to NY to photograph a wedding, I cried as I left Carson at his preschool parade, it broke my heart. My wife Alison and my mom took Carson and Cameron out for the usual Halloween in the neighborhood while I was working 1,200 miles away, missing my family and the memories. After NY I had to go be a platform speaker in New Orleans at the Pictage Partner Con, and also teach a private workshop. I was so upset I had to be gone during this time, especially since my boys are 2 1/2 and 4, and things like Halloween are a big deal. On a friends suggestion, we decided to do Halloween over again when I got back on November 6th. Several of our neighbors agreed to help us out and go along with it, so I can have those moments with my family again. The boys had so much fun and even got to where different outfits. It filled the void in my heart.
This is actual Halloween w/o me.IMG_5042Halloween Do Over, nothing like Superheros and a train.IMG_5103Cameron, me & Carson.IMG_5111Carson could not be happier.IMG_5113My wife Alison makes one hot Cat Woman.IMG_5121

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