Corey and John

post written on 07 Apr 10 in Weddings

Corey and John are a blast to be around. If you know them, their energy is so positive, they can turn anyone’s day around. From our initial meeting, we hit it off like old friends, not skipping a beat. It’s like their love, when it’s right, it’s right. To be part of their day was like being at a big party, from beginning to end. There were formalities of course, but it was a party just like Corey and John wanted, a celebration. Corey’s wedding dresses were both from Camille Russler at Ever After Miami; the first dress was Anna Maier / Ulla Maija Couture, the second dress was Vera Wang. The event was held at the Fairmont Turnberry Isle. Thanks go out to all that collaborated: Planner Weddings by Lori Kelly , Florist Always Flowers, Band Marcia Mitchell Music, Video Utopia Video Productions , and or course my fabulous team of Catalina and her great images, and Caroline and Karen for their great assistance.

The large photograph in the background above, is by ©David Leslie Anthony. A great photographer who has worked himself up from the bottom, to now worldwide acclaim. Thank you David for continuing to produce beautiful work and inspiring others. His images are available for purchase through Avant Gallery.

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  1. Wow… beautiful work Carlos – I love clean color and clean black & white wedding pics. Favorite two images are the two portraits shots side by side.

  2. Carlos Baez
    Corey Feinsilver
    14/04/2010 at 11:08 am Permalink

    When we began planning our wedding, we made a promise to not only work with people whose work INSPIRES us – BUT people who we actually like! – who we enjoy being around, who are the real deal and who *get us.* Finding the right photographer took time… But then you walked in the door Carlos… and you had us at HELLO. (ALL of us!!!) Your photos knock our socks off… and we just love being around you. Thank you Carlos and Catalina, and Caroline and Karen – you did it!

    Our ONLY regret after our wedding is the one that’s unavoidable… it’s cliche, but it goes by so darn fast! So we thank our lucky stars that we had the impeccable and marvelous you behind the lens gathering the details that defined our wedding.

    PS – Just one major dilemma… we just received all of our photos and there are way TOO many fabulous pictures… how on earth are we going to choose???

  3. Carlos Baez
    Michelle Wade
    05/05/2010 at 11:07 am Permalink

    Award winning 😉 LOVE the rings.. rock out!!

  4. Carlos Baez
    Denver wedding photographers
    31/05/2011 at 12:33 am Permalink

    Nice shots. I like the silhouette shots. The wedding venue and reception is warm and cozy.

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