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Meet Taylor S.

post written on 13 Jul 11 in Fashion, Lingerie, Nudeoir, personal, Portraits, Videos

I hope you like Taylor as much as I liked photographing / filming her. There are also some stills from our shoot below the video. If watching in HD, please let video load before playing. For more like this, please visit my other fine art site at

Taylor from CARLOS BAEZ on Vimeo.

A short film of Taylor during our shoot in Chicago. A loft, a beautiful woman, and good light.

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Soto Lester Miami Viscaya Wedding in Weddings Illustrated

post written on 12 Jul 11 in Weddings

Again I am privileged and thankful to be published again in Weddings Illustrated Spring/Summer Issue 2011. This wedding was on our blog before, you can see their fun engagement shoot here.

Melissa and David are both film makers. So you can imagine, it could have been full hands on, or hands off. Luckily they are the types that trust those around them, and let us do what we do best, shoot. You can tell David is the goofy one, and Melissa alluring. The engagement shoot we shot all available light, mostly at night in downtown Orlando. It’s the first time I had all of their friends come along for the engagement shoot, from bar to bar, it was a blast.

The wedding was part old school Cuban, mixed with progressive art school vibe. Of course there were great Cuban cigars, considering Melissa’s family are the owners of Padron Cigars. The ceremony was held at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Miami, the same church Alison and I got married in, and we attend. The reception was held at Viscaya Museum & Gardens. The whole event was planned by Cristina Llorente of Cymbidium Events. Again I was fortunate to work with Julien from Merge Studios who filmed the engagement and wedding. The bride’s dress was from Ever After Miami.

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Our Boys & Puddles

post written on 08 Jul 11 in Family

In the long days of summer, parents know it’s hard to find new things to entertain your kids. With our boys and rainy days in Miami, puddles make a cheap and easy form of entertainment. Thank you puddles, Carson and Cameron.

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NY Pakistani Wedding

post written on 07 Jul 11 in Weddings

Some images from a wedding that I second shot for one of my old assistants, Theo.

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

post written on 01 Jul 11 in Fashion, Lingerie, Nudeoir, personal

What do you see?

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