“…Yes, I got out of the workshop exactly what I came for: lighting galore with gorgeous girls, honest feedback, you pushed me to let go of the technical, to trust myself and to let the creativity/heart drive the images, small group intimate setting with lots of opportunity for questions & one one on critique, collaboration with the other photographers…” – Lara Parent

“Carlos Baez has been one of my favorite photographers for a while. His See the Light DVD is a must have for photographers with a serious interest in fashion/wedding photography lighting. With that said, when I learned that Carlos was going to hold a seminar/photo shoot in Chicago I decided I had to attend. Especially since it was limited to 8 people who would have How serious was I about it? I’m based in Boston!! Never let a little distance stand in your way. You can imagine that I had high expectations. I’m here to tell you that the expectation were all met! Natural light, 1 light, 2 lights, 3 lights all were demonstrated. But not just by Carlos. Each of us was turned loose with the model and setup. Using a 3 light setup that produced a light almost like a giant ring light. Outside, we used video light, direct tungsten light. At every step of the way, he is there suggesting, sometimes speeding you up (thanks for your “1 minute photo shoots”, Carlos), sometime slowing you down but always available. A few of my personal takeaways:  work your angles,  rather than hoping you get that one great shot in a flurry of 10, work towards getting that 1 OMG shot in 1 take. Reviewing his DVD after I returned adds so many more subtexts. Another personal note; it is gratifying to see an artist of Carlos’ stature who cares just as much about the models as he does about the shot. All throughout the day, Carlos would take a model aside to advise, cajole, make them smile. Sometimes during the shoot, sometimes during breaks. If you get a chance to spend time with Carlos, don’t hesitate- you’ll be rewarded.” – Ray Spencer

” The Carlos Baez workshop is something I would recommend all photographers do who are interested in fashion, portrait or wedding photography.  Not only did we get a day to work with Carlos and gain from his expertise in the field, but he also reached out to us individually before the workshop in order to gauge what we wanted to learn and what inspired us as photographers. His kindness and generosity are above and beyond any photographer/person that I know, and is especially appreciated considering the caliber of photographer that he is.  In addition to pushing your creative boundaries, this workshop will truly add to your portfolio.  Since displaying my images in my blog, I’ve booked so many jobs!  I’ve been able to show my clients what I really love to do and what I’m truly capable of doing, and that is to take beautiful and inspiring images rather than cookie-cutter posed shots that you might find in a Sears catalog.  On a more personal level, in just one week I feel that Carlos changed my life forever.  I felt like my work was sinking into a rut and that I was losing my voice as an artist, but he helped me to find my vision once again and realize why it is that I love doing this.  Thank you Carlos!!!  ” – Suzy Brown

“Thank you so much, Carlos! The workshop was everything I hoped for and more. So much so that I’ve been on the phone this morning with a photographer friend brainstorming an idea for another. The difference between watching senior shooters shoot “fashiony” and you shooting fashion is night and day. Thank you for the inspiration. And thank you most of all for being you. I laughed to my husband that I think I’ve met someone who gets as much charge out of making their subjects feel beautiful and confident as I do. I feel like I’m always having to defend my impulse to take “beautiful” pictures of people, so it meant a lot to see that there is nothing wrong with that impulse, and to own that as a strength and a beautiful thing in and of itself. The couple of times you said, “I want her to have these pictures” referencing images you were taking, I rang like a struck bell.” – Britt Bailey