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Happy Valentine’s Day

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To all you lover’s out there Happy Valentine’s Day. Enjoy! Please visit our site ™

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F-Stop Breast Cancer Mentoring Auction

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I am honored to be a part of the F-stop Breast Cancer Mentoring Auction, the brain child of Lydia Shannon. Not only has Lydia mobilized our industry for a great cause, but she has pledged to shave her head when the auction raises at least $10,000! So please join us in expediting the losing of her locks. Spread the word via the interwebs, and on twitter using hashtag #fstopbreastcancer follow @lydiashannon.

The f-stop breast cancer mentoring auction will open on Thursday, October 14th and run through October 19th with 100% of proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer.

I will be auctioning off a 1 hour phone mentoring session and a copy of my See the Light lighting DVD, both combined are a $650 value.

Here is the direct link to my auction, CLICK HERE.

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Together, we raised nearly $42,000

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Wow. We did it!

Together we broke a record. Last week, we raised a record-breaking $41,635.88. This will help ThirstRelief save 8,327 lives by providing access to safe, clean drinking water.

You Deserve the Credit.

Whether you volunteered to be a mentor, bid on a mentor, tweeted, Facebooked, blogged, or simply told a friend about the auction, this would not have been possible without YOU. Thank you.

We’re humbled and honored by you.


Carlos Baez, The Teams at ShootQ and ThirstRelief

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Our 7th Wedding Anniversary.

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January 18th is our 7th wedding anniversary. Alison and I have been so blessed with many things these past 7 years. Our boys Carson and Cameron, now 4 and 2 1/2, great family and friends, and a great church in Trinity Episcopal Cathedral of Miami. Love for my wife, children, family, career, and all my friends, continues to grow with every moment. Would not change one thing in my life, other then wishing my father were around to see my boys grow.

Carlos Baez Photography-Our Wedding Night 2003 from CARLOS BAEZ on Vimeo.

Here are a few images of our day.
Trinity Cathedral.

Us on the metro mover.

Our toast.

My portrait of Alison.

My father Ramon, who past away on April 1st,2005. He would have loved our boys so much. He wore that corduroy jacket from 1970 over his tux, due to the fact it was 36 degrees during our outdoor reception in Miami.

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The Baez Family Merry Christmas to All

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We at the Baez Household would love to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Many of you we see a lot and many we don’t, but know that you are in our hearts, and if not, you follow us on Facebook, or us you, just kidding. If we don’t have your address, here is our card to you.
DON’T FORGET THE VIDEO at the bottom. Carson (on the left) and his classmates (in order from the left) Nico, Hunter, and Alec have a 42 second video wish for you.

Carson’s Christmas wish to YOU! from CARLOS BAEZ on Vimeo.

Here is Carson and his preschool class in their first Christmas presentation.

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